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This tiny house grows with your family

Tiny houses are all the rage, but once you put more than a few people in one you have a problem: Where can you go from there? Nowhere. Exactly. What you do is, if you need that extra push over the cliff, you know what you do?

Press Releases

Module hosts community event: Shaping Equitable Development

As recently reported by CBRE, real estate developers have developed more urban multifamily units in Pittsburgh over the past three years than the previous 15 combined. While there’s no question this has stimulated growth, what’s brought into question is how can we can create more… Read more »

Module Taking Reservations for Residential Customers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA – September 7th, 2017 – Module, a startup company designing smart, adaptable housing, is taking reservations to design residential homes in the Pittsburgh area: For a refundable deposit of $1,000, customers are placed on the reservation list and will receive initial design… Read more »

Module hosts Panel Discussion on the Future of Housing

PITTSBURGH, PA – August 7, 2017 – Module, a Pittsburgh startup developing flexible, adaptable housing solutions, will host a panel discussion and networking session, “Defining the Future of Housing,” at the outdoor plaza at Nova Place, 100 South Commons on the North Side, beginning at 6… Read more »

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