Your home,
Designed to grow
with you.

Module designs to the blueprint of your future, and we’re there every step of the way. We believe that building a house can be joyful, and where you live should reflect how you see the world.

Always the right size

Module fits where you are now. Build when you need, rearrange when you don’t. Our houses grow with you, and we’re not flexible about that.

A House that Gives Back

Whether you’re first on the block or just the newest neighbor, your house will make the world a little better.  We create places that respect history, no matter whose backyard.

A Transparent Collaboration

Module is your partner in design.  Every detail is a conversation, and no decision too small for a phone call. We know this is a big deal.

What's a Module Home?

Module Makes room for your life

With expandable upgrades and layouts specifically designed for flexibility, your house can change with every new job, hobby, or member of the family. Our houses are manufactured off-site, which means tight quality control and major reductions in build times. We also make sure that from floor to finishes your house is healthy, resource conscious, and environmentally sustainable. And if you decide to sell, your future buyer won’t need to adapt to anything.

Studied Refinement

Our designs balance comfort and function with peace of mind, creating spaces that simplify your daily clutter. Because there’s nothing more luxurious than feeling at home.

Resource Conscious

Module homes are as healthy for you as they are for the environment. Energy efficiency reigns supreme, and you’ll love the fresh air and natural daylight.

Precisely Constructed

Fabricated off-site with the dependability of 21st century manufacturing. No surprises, no shortcuts. Our homes stand the test of time.

Our Homes

Designed with your future in mind.



The Nook was designed with minimalist urban dwellers in mind. With its long floor plan and efficient layout, The Nook fits into any narrow lot – giving you ample room to put down roots as a homeowner. With the ability to add a second or third story addition, this starter unit is ideal for young couples looking to grow in place.

1 bedroom
1 Bath
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With a compact footprint and thoughtfully proportioned spaces, the Haven has been designed with first-time homebuyers in mind. Starting at a manageable 1,000 sq. ft., yet able to expand to a comfortable 2,000+ the Haven combines scalability with first-class design for a home that is both efficient and accommodating.

2 bedrooms
1.5 baths
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The Moonlighter was designed with the small family in mind. It starts out at 1,280 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths but with room to grow (when you need to). The Moonlighter is complete with a home office on the first floor. Want the home office to double as a guest bedroom, just add a Murphy bed — no big deal. A larger kitchen, more bedrooms to accommodate your growing family, or even a playroom are all addition options with this design.

2 Bedrooms
2 Baths
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The Duo is a duplex optimized for an urban context. With this floor plan, you can live in one part and rent out the other,  use it for occasional guests, or keep all the space to yourself — it’s up to you. The Duo starts at 1,600 square feet (640 sq. ft./tenant) but can grow to be 2,500+ sq. ft. when the time is right.

3 bedrooms
2 baths
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Building with us

We're your guide, beginning to end (and beyond)!

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Client Advocate

Module coordinates your entire team, from brokers and agents to lenders, contractors, and manufacturers.
Start with you
Up front, we learn about you, your budget, current needs, and overall goals for your home.
Keep it realistic
It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of building a home but we keep your needs and budget top of mind.


We help you find the right lot in the right neighborhood.
Based on your needs, we help you find a lot that makes sense
Choose from our pre selected list or work with some of our preferred vacant land partners to find just the right spot.
Lot feasibility study
Our in-house team conducts a feasibility study to ensure we can build on the lot you like.


From designing your site plan to finalizing fixtures, finishes and appliances, it's our job to make sure you love your home.
Site specific design changes
Making changes to your house to make sure it fits your lot.
Help you select appliances, fixtures, finishes
It can be overwhelming to finalize all the details so we create a curated list of options to make the process simple and fun for you.
Exterior design
We balance your preference with the context of your neighborhood.


We guide you in selecting the right mortgage lender, pulling all the right permits and getting approval from all the right people.
Zoning & Permitting
We’ll provide the documents you need for zoning approval and oversee the securing of all permits.
We help you through the loan process from pre-approval through closing on a mortgage.


Sit back and relax as we turn your chosen design into reality.
Estimation & Scheduling
We coordinate estimating and scheduling with Module certified builders & manufacturers.
Construction Management
We manage the construction of your Module home.

And Beyond

The beauty of a Module home is that it’s designed to grow with you. When it’s time for you to add on or want upgrades, we’re a phone call or email away.

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