Brian Gaudio
Chief Executive Officer
Assoc. AIA

Brian believes that everyone deserves access to good design. The inspiration for starting Module came while he was directing Within Formal Cities - a documentary about the housing crisis in South America, which debuted in 2016. Prior to starting Module, Brian was a Fulbright Scholar in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where he led an urban design research initiative. He has lectured and given presentations for the American Institute of Architects, the Rockefeller Foundation, and numerous universities in the US and abroad. Brian has design experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit world. He worked in Blue Sky Department at Walt Disney Imagineering where he helped create new ride concepts for the Disney Parks, and he served as an architectural intern at the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio. Brian graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Architecture where he was a Park Scholar, started a non-profit organization, and was a Finalist for the Harry S Truman Scholarship.


Hallie Dumont
Chief Design Officer

Hallie is a designer who loves to create efficient and honest, user centered spaces. She discovered her passion for residential interiors after spending years working hands on in home remodeling. The experience opened her eyes to the often unhealthy relationship between clients and their homes. These concerns led Hallie to conduct research on alternative and prefabricated housing while completing her Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture at Chatham University. After completing her degree, Hallie designed a tiny house called Nanohouse under award winning Architect Eric Fisher. Hallie plans to construct a version of the Nanohouse with her partner, Jodi, in the near future.  Hallie was born and raised in Pittsburgh and has an undergraduate degree in design from Carnegie Mellon University. Her hobbies include spending time with her pups, mountain biking, and Olympic weight lifting.


Drew Brisley
Chief Product Officer

Nothing keeps Drew’s attention more than that of an unsolved problem. This is what attracted him to Module. Taking cues from his field of product design and applying them to the field of architecture, he brings a customer-focused approach that is integral to the culture at Module. 

Upon graduating Summa Cum Laude from NC State’s College of Design, he helped to found Contour Medical, a medical device startup focused on a product for reducing fracture during cardiothoracic surgery. In conjunction, he began working for Trig, an innovation management firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he has risen to Manager of Innovation and Strategy. Throughout his time at Trig, he has been named an inventor on several patents, received two IDEA Awards, designed products ranging from medical devices to consumer products, and led marketing and business development strategy. 

In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, sketching, cooking, and most importantly spending time with friends and family. 




Robby Kullman

Managing Member, The Kullman Group LLC; Former CEO, Capsys Construction

Ilana Diamond.jpg

Ilana Diamond

Executive Director, AlphaLab Gear                     


Pat Rand

Distinguished Professor of Architecture, North Carolina State University


Roberto Capriotti

Partner and Intellectual Property Attorney, K&L Gates

Brad Ott.jpg

Brad Ott

Vice President of Commercial Operations, Faros Properties

Stephan Mueller.jpg

Stephan Mueller

Chief Operating Officer, Ascender                              


Wes Easly

Managing Principal, ibr Search                                                    


Scott Leff

Member, The Tobin Group